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Are you Ready for a more powerful help desk solution, for less?

If your current support system is costing you an arm and a leg, and you still don't have all of the features you need, then you have come to the right place.

With ReadyDesk you get every single feature we offer for one affordable price.  We won't nickel and dime you to death just so you can have a single, complete system to support your users.

What if you don't need all of these features?  No problem!  You can disable any features you don't currently need, and easily enable them in the future if you do without having to pay extra.

What if you currently use a homegrown or free support system?  We get it!  Free is great, but does it do everything you need it to do? How much are you spending on time or resources to develop, modify or maintain your current system?  If ReadyDesk is missing anything you need, we will develop it in for you for FREE!

Read on to learn why thousands of users have already chosen ReadyDesk to handle their support needs...

  A More Intuitive Interface
The core of any good help desk system is ticket management, and your technicians need to be able to respond as fast as possible.  With ReadyDesk your technicians have quick access to all of the data they need on one screen.  Just a few of the features are listed below:

  • Subject and Summary quick view on mouseover
  • Define which columns to display, sort them and resize them
  • Search customers, assets, devices, tickets and more
  • Create custom views
  • Work an unlimited number of tickets at the same time
  • Perform batch actions using a custom right-click menu
  • Ability to print and export tickets to Excel and PDF
  • Sortable ticket history on every ticket
  • Monitor and join incoming live chats, phone calls and remote desktop sessions

Advanced Email Management  

Handling email support is essential for nearly every organization, and manually creating tickets can be a pain.  ReadyDesk goes beyond the basics when it comes to email processing.  Just enter your account details and get the following benefits:

  • Automatically turns incoming emails into tickets
  • Create an unlimited number of email accounts to check
  • Supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange
  • Saves attachments and associates them with the new tickets
  • Editable email templates with data injection variables
  • Automatic email replies sent to both customers and technicians
  • Emailed replies get associated with the proper tickets
  • Full email encryption support using digital certificates

  Customer Portals and Self Help
Your customers also need to go beyond just phone and email support.  ReadyDesk gives you the ability to quickly and easily create a place for your customers to log in when they need help.  This can take a lot of the burden off of your staff and benefits your customers as well.  See how having a customer portal can help your organization:

  • Create an unlimited number of customer portals, each with their own logos and settings so you can support multiple departments or companies
  • Submit new tickets and view existing tickets
  • Search the knowledge base for self help
  • Get knowledge base suggestions as they type on the new ticket form, preventing unnecessary tickets
  • View important news articles you publish to them
  • View account details, billing information and pay invoices
  • Create support contracts to easily charge your customers for support
  • View assets, reports, downloads and more
  • Present your customers with follow up surveys at any time in the support process
  • Start a live chat session and view the transcripts of previous sessions

Live Chat  

One of the fastest ways to support your customers is through Live Chat.  More than just a simple chat room, our live chat feature will impress your customers and your staff.

  • Text chat in real time through the web browser
  • Customers get instant access to support, rather than sitting in a phone queue or waiting for a ticket reply
  • Typing notifications and visible and audible alerts let each party know the other is actively responding
  • Print the chat transcript, email it or easily create a ticket from it
  • Setup an unlimited number of chat queues to ensure the customer is connected with the right department
  • Technicians can handle multiple chat sessions at the same time, saving valuable time and money
  • Technicians can forward chat sessions to other technicians
  • Real-time translation allows for seamless conversations, despite language barriers
  • Customers can launch a remote desktop session with the click of a button
  • Supports text-to-speech and voice recognition with no plug-ins (Google Chrome only)

  Remote Desktop
Sometimes providing hands on support is the best way to go.  With the remote desktop feature you can quickly connect to and control your customers' Windows computers.

  • Sessions can be launched from live chat or the technician interface
  • Nothing for the customer or technician to install
  • Single-click connection. No IP addresses, session IDs or passwords are required
  • Works through firewalls and proxy servers
  • Securely encrypted
  • Built in file transfer capabilities
  • Can optionally be installed as a service for unattended remote sessions
  • All files are digitally signed to pass browser security checks

These are just some of the great features built into ReadyDesk.

To see a complete list of features with more in-depth information click here, or go straight to the online demo to get hands-on now.

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