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Completely web based Perfect solution for any type of organization
 Nothing to install for customers or technicians.
 Access your help desk from anywhere in the world.
 Most intuitive and flexible interface of any help desk application.
 Used by companies in all industries, not just IT.
 Track virtually any type of data you need to in one system.
 Cost effective for businesses of any size.

ReadyDesk is a completely web based help desk software solution that has powerful features to meet the demands of businesses of any size.

With ReadyDesk you can offer your customers several options to help them get their issues resolved quickly. They can open tickets from the customer portal, browse the support articles in the knowledge base for self service, create tickets automatically by sending you an email and even chat with you live online.

Key Features of ReadyDesk

  Support Tickets     Live Chat
Tickets can be created by customers and technicians from the web interface and from incoming emails. Supports file attachments and tracks all actions in the ticket history. Technicians can work on multiple tickets at the same time using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.   Give your customers instant support. Technicians can setup personalized automated greetings and canned responses for quickly inserting answers to commonly asked questions. With real-time translations customers and technicians can chat with each other in their native language.
  Knowledge Base     Remote Desktop
Provide self help to your customers, reducing the number support tickets. Supports HTML, file attachments and embedded images. Articles can be grouped into categories and optionally marked as "Internal Only".   Connect to customers' Windows-based computers to view and control in real time. Built directly into the technician interfaces, and works through firewalls and proxies. Customers do not have to install anything on their computer.
  Asset Management     Network Inventory
Define 100% of the fields that will be used for adding and editing assets. Use workflow rules to show and hide fields based on values in other fields. Assets can be associated with one or more customers, and selected when creating new tickets.   Scans your network and finds all attached devices saving key information for each device. You can even connect to any computer on your network using the remote desktop service or WMI explorer.
  Time Tracking     Billing
Accurately track time spent on tasks. Technicians can submit time on tasks, down to the second, with an unlimited number of time entries possible. Stopwatch feature allows ReadyDesk to track time spent automatically.   Track billable work and generate invoices for your customers. Technicians can enter their billable work directly on a ticket and ReadyDesk will calculate the costs. Optionally allow customers to pay invoices from the customer portal.
  Call Management     Security
ReadyDesk integrates with Asterisk phone systems. Incoming calls are displayed in the technician interface. With the click of a button technicians can have a call routed to their extension. Calls can also be recorded and appended to tickets.   All passwords are stored as strongly encrypted strings for the best security. ReadyDesk is completely web based, so the entire application can easily be run over SSL if you have a certificate installed on your server.

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