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Asset Management - Top

  • You can define 100% of the fields that will be used for adding and editing assets.

  • Choose from different field and data types, and define which fields are required.

  • Workflow rules can also be created so that only the necessary fields are displayed based on the entered or selected values in other fields.

  • Technicians can view a customer's assets directly on the ticket form using the Assets tab.

  • Assets can be imported from various external sources, including MS Access, Excel, SQL Server, mySQL, Oracle and delimited text files.

  • You can optionally allow technicians to add, edit and/or delete assets directly from the technician interface.

  • You can optionally allow customers to view assets associated with their account.

  • Use the REAL-TIME network inventory tool to view assets on your network. There is no need to install and maintain any additional software on your network computers.


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