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ReadyDesk version 8.0 now available
March 7, 2013 5:24 PM
ReadyDesk version 8.0 has been released and is available for download today. This latest version has some great new features like multiple customer portals, multiple email accounts, email encryption, network device discovery, enhanced remote desktop, batch ticket processing, merging tickets and more.

Be sure and check out the new online demos and download the updated user manual.

Existing customers can download the latest version by logging in to their account from the home page of our website. Please note that you will need to reset your password using the Forgot Password link on the customer login page in order to login. Once logged in you can change your password on the Edit Account page.

Below is a short list of some of the enhancements in this release:

  • Multiple Customer Portals: You can now create an unlimited number of customer portals, each with its own logos and settings. This allows you to provide support for multiple companies or divisions of a company.

  • Multiple Email Accounts: You can now add multiple SMTP and POP3 accounts to be used with ReadyDesk. This allows you to separate your support into different departments or provide support for multiple companies/divisions of a company.

  • Email Encryption: All emails sent from the ReadyDesk application can be fully encrypted. It will even support decrypting of incoming encrypted email, providing complete two way encryption/decryption of incoming and outgoing emails. This will be very useful for companies that must encrypt the transmission of customer data in emails, such as medical billing.

  • Network Devices: ReadyDesk can now scan your entire network and capture information about any device that is connected to it. It will even show devices such as mobile phones and IP cameras connected to your network via WiFi. ReadyDesk even keeps a history of each scan so you can compare the most current data with previous scans. Any network device can also be associated with tickets. There is also a stand alone scanner application that can be used to scan remote networks and transmit the data to your installation of ReadyDesk.

  • Enhanced Remote Desktop: Technicians and customers no longer need to initiate a cat session to start a remote desktop session. Technicians can email a link to the executable to the customer, or the actual executable in .zip format. When the customer initiates the remote connection the technician will see the session as connected in their interface and can instantly launch the remote viewer. Remote desktop sessions can also be initiated through the Network Devices feature. You can optionally install the remote desktop feature as a service on end users' computers, and connect to them on demand, even if the end user is not logged in to their computer. This will be helpful for doing after hours fixes when the end user is not available.

  • Quick Updates: : We have added a custom right-click menu to the ticket list in the technician interface. This new menu will allow you to update the Status, Category, Escalation Level, Assigned Tech and Assigned Group quickly, without needing to open the ticket. There is also an option to delete tickets, if you enable technician ticket deleting.

  • Batch Processing: Using the right-click menu mentioned above, you can quickly and easily update multiple tickets at once. Just use the CTRL or SHIFT key to select multiple tickets, then right-click and choose the desired action.

  • Merging Tickets: When you select multiple tickets and open the right-click menu you will see "Merge Tickets" at the bottom. You can merge multiple tickets into one existing ticket or merge them all into a new ticket.

  • Deleting Tickets: You can now optionally allow technicians to delete tickets from the right-click menu. All file deletions are tracked in the admin console.

  • Collapsible Sections: Customer sections in the customer portal containing more than 5 items will now be collapsed, with a "View More" link at the bottom. This will help clean up customer portal than have a large number of items, making it easier for the customer to navigate.

  • Required Fields: You can now easily define which fields on the ticket forms are required fields.

  • Sub-Categories: The new sub-category field is linked to the category field, and the values will change based on what category has been selected.

  • Due Date: We have added a new due date field for defining when the ticket needs to be completed by.

  • Priority: We have added a new priority field. You can define any value you want for your priorities.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: We have added support for keyboard shortcuts for all browsers. These including saving tickets (CTL+S), printing tickets (CTR+P) and closing pop-up layers (ESC).

  • Enhanced Rules: The Assignment, Notification and SLA rules have all been updated with additional operators. You can now choose from "=", "<>", "Contains" and "Does Not Contain". This will allow you to create rules on partial matches, such as the domain name on an incoming email address.

  • Duplicating Records: Many of the pages in the admin console now have a button for duplicating records, making it fast and easy to create multiple similar records..

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