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ReadyDesk version 8.2 now available
November 7, 2013 9:12 PM
ReadyDesk version 8.2 has been released and is available for download today. This latest version has some great new features such as Ticket Triggers, re-ordering of tabs, ticket quick view, adding customer files support article suggestions, dynamic reports, the ability to work multiple tickets simultaneously and more.

Be sure and check out the new online demos and download the updated user manual.

Existing customers: If the web based updater in your admin console won't download, you can download the latest version by logging in to your account from the home page of our website. Be sure to back up your database before performing the upgrade.

Below is a short list of some of the enhancements in this release:

• Ticket Triggers: This feature allows ReadyDesk to perform automated tasks, such as changing ticket statuses, when tickets are added or updated. This means that technicians can just add their response and save the ticket, and ReadyDesk can set the status automatically.

• Tab Order: Tabs can now be rearranged by changing their display order in the admin console.

• Ticket Quick View: Placing the cursor over the subject field in the technician ticket queue will display a small layer showing the subject, summary, the latest response and how many new attachments have been added with the latest response.

• Customer Files: You can now attach files to customer accounts. This is useful if you have any support documents that you techs need to be able to see when viewing customer details.

• Work on multiple tickets: The bottom frame of the technician interface has a new tabbed interface. This allows technicians to view and work on multiple tickets at the same time. To create a new tab just click the green Add button. You can create new tickets or view existing tickets in each tab. When the cursor is placed over the tab it will show the customer ID and ticket number that is in use on that tab. You can create an unlimited number of tabs to work on multiple tickets, and scroll them left and right when the scroll arrows are visible.

• Hide/Show Technician Menu: The left menu in the technician interface can be hidden/shown to provide more space for viewing tickets.

• Support Article Suggestions: When customers go to create a new ticket, support articles related to their issue will be suggested on the right side of the page. The suggested articles are based on keyword relevancy matches on what they have entered in the subject line of the ticket. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the admin console under TICKET MANAGEMENT > TICKET SETTINGS.

• Dynamic Reports: There is now an option to create reports with dynamic customer and technician IDs. A report with a dynamic customer ID that is published to customers will automatically use their current login ID to run the report. This eliminates the need to create separate reports for each customer. Dynamic reports viewed in the technician interface and admin console will allow the user to select the ID to run the report for.

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