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ReadyDesk version 8.4 now available
December 30, 2013 10:28 PM
ReadyDesk version 8.4 has been released and is available for download today. This latest version has some great new features like draggable windows, automation control and general bug fixes.

• Be sure and check out the new online demos and download the updated user manual.

• Existing customers can download the latest version by logging in to their account from the home page of our website.

• Below is a short list of some of the enhancements in this release:

• Automation: "ReadyDesk Services" is the Windows service ReadyDesk uses to automate certain features in ReadyDesk, like email parsing, SLAs, invoicing, scheduling and more. A new section has been added to the admin console to configure and control the service.

• Dragable chat and calls windows: Sometimes the chat and calls window in the technician interface can get in the way and obscure other fields, especially on smaller screens. These windows can now be dragged to a new location.

• Re-designed navigation tree: The navigation tree in the admin console has been updated with a new look.

• Style updates: Various fields throughout ReadyDesk have had their styles updated for consistency.

• Bug fixes: Various small bugs have been fixed.

Existing customers please note that there is no need to run a database upgrade with this release if you are currently running version 8.3.

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