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API Overview
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Input Variable Input Value Description
id Integer value A valid article ID. This may be a single article ID, a comma separated list of IDs, or you may use * as a wildcard.
keyword String value Any string value to search title, description, details and the additional information fields by.
category String value A valid knowledge base category name. This may be a single category name or a comma separated list of category names.

Output Variable URL Encoded Description
id No Unique ID of the article.
category No The name of the article category.
internal_only No Denotes if the article is internal only.
externally_viewable No Deontes if the article is viewable outside of the customer portal.
external_only No Deontes if the article is only viewable outside of the customer portal.
customer_portals No A comma separated list of customer portal names the article is associated with.
date_added No The data/time the article was created.
views No The number of times the article has been viewed by customers.
title Yes The title of the article.
description Yes The description of the article.
details Yes The article details.
additional_information1 Yes The first additional information section.
additional_information2 Yes The second additional information section.
Example Usage
http://localhost/API/default.aspx?key=your key here&action=get_kb_articles&id=*
Example Response
<?xml version="1.0"?>
		<category>Test Category</category>
		<date_added>3/19/2014 9:08:24 PM</date_added>
		<description>Test description</description>
		<details>Test details</details>
		<additional_information1>Test additional information 1</additional_information1>
		<additional_information2>Test additional information 2</additional_information2>
	"articles": [
			"id" : "13",
			"category" : "Test Category",
			"internal_only" : "N",
			"externally_viewable" : "N",
			"external_only" : "N",
			"customer_portals" : "Default",
			"date_added" : "3/19/2014 9:08:24 PM",
			"views" : "2",
			"title" : "test",
			"description" : "Test description",
			"details" : "Test detals",
			"additional_information1" : "Test additional information 1",
			"additional_information2" : "Test additional information 2"
id=13&category=Test Category&internal_only=NO&externally_viewable=N&external_only=N&customer_portals=Default
&date_added=3/19/2014 9:08:24 PM&views=2&title=test&description=Test description&details=Test details
&additional_information1=Test additional information 1&additional_information2=Test additional information 2