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ReadyDesk version 8.8 now available
December 21, 2014 12:10 AM

ReadyDesk version 8.8 has been released and is available for download today. This latest version has some great new features.  Be sure and check out the new online demos and download the updated user manual.

Below is a short list of some of the enhancements in this release:

Redesigned styles:  The form styles have been redesigned for a cleaner and more modern look.  In many cases this provides more viewable space.

Redesigned layout:  The "Main" tab in the technician interface has been redesigned.  The ticket details have been grouped together on the left, and the summary field is now displayed on the right.  Previous versions had the ticket details on top and the summary on the bottom.  This new layout provides for substantially more room for viewing the ticket summary.  For even more viewing room for the summary you can collapse the ticket details section using the arrow to the left of the summary field.

Rich-text summary:  A rich-text editor has been added to the summary field in the technician interface.  This allows for adding styled text and even pasting screenshots (HTML5 browsers only).

SLA Rules:  You now have the option of allowing technicians to view SLA rules that apply to tickets, and the status of each on a new "SLA" tab.  You can also optionally display visual indicators in the ticket queue so technicians can see at a glance which tickets are about to pass the time limit for an SLA rule and those that already have.  The indicators shown will be green, yellow, orange and red.  You can define how much time each color should be associated with for each individual SLA rule.  Once an SLA rule has been applied to a ticket it will show as red.  If more than one SLA rule applies to a ticket, the most severe condition indicator will be shown.

View technicians logged in:  You can optionally allow technicians to view what other technicians are logged in.  Technicians will see a list on the left toolbar.  Clicking a technician ID will bring up their information in a new layer.  This can be helpful if you need to only assign tickets to technicians that are active in the system.

Multiple attachments:  Technicians can now select multiple attachments at once rather than having to select them individually (HTML5 browsers only).

News Articles:  You can optionally allow technicians to add, edit and delete news articles directly from within the technician interface.

Sticky articles:  Both news articles and support articles can be made "sticky".  This forces them to always be displayed at the top of the list.

Display multiple articles:  You can now define how many news articles to display at the top of the customer portal.  This is useful if you have several news articles that you need to bring to the attention of your customers.

Various bug fixes/enhancements:  There have been various other small bug fixes and enhancements made throughout ReadyDesk.

Existing Customers:  Please note that a database
upgrade IS required with this release.

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