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ReadyDesk version 8.9 now available
May 2, 2015 12:10 AM

ReadyDesk version 8.9 has been released and is available for download today. This latest version has some great new features.  Be sure and check out the new online demos and download the updated user manual.

Below is a short list of some of the enhancements in this release:

Redesigned styles:  Button and layer styles have been redesigned for a cleaner and more modern look.

Updated searching:  Searching tickets by
keyword now includes attachment names.

Updated Billing:  Billing entries are now a
complete snapshot of the costs, categories, taxes, etc. at the time of
entry.  This ensures that the costs on
existing invoices will never change if category costs or taxes do.

Updated reporting:  Reports based on dynamic date ranges (yesterday, last week, last month, etc.) now show a true reflection of the range based on the current date.  Reports can now also be set to email a copy of itself as a PDF file on a defined schedule, such as daily at a specific time or  the same day every week, month or year.

Tickets Tab:  A new tab has been added to the technician interface that displays quick links to the other tickets associated with the customer on the ticket you are viewing.  This gives you a quick reference to view what other issues that customer is experiencing.  The records are paged, displaying 10 at a time and navigable using the previous and next arrows, ensuring that performance is not impacted if the customer has a large number of tickets.

Surveys Tab:  A new tab has been added to the technician interface that displays customers' completed surveys.  This allows technicians to see what kind of feedback customers have been leaving while actively supporting them.  This tab can be enabled/disabled in the admin console under SURVEYS > SETTINGS.

Overview:  The left frame of the technician interface now has an Overview section.  Clicking on it will expand downward with a definable list items, such as status, category, priority, etc. with a count of tickets that match each value.  Clicking on any of those items will load those specific tickets in the ticket queue.  This is a great way to drill down to  the  tickets that are important to you.

Staff Online:  The list of other technicians that are logged into ReadyDesk has been moved from the bottom up into the menu list as an expandable menu item.

Shared Canned Phrases:  From the admin console you can create canned phrases that are shared across multiple technicians and/or groups.  You can limit to specific technicians and/or groups so that only the applicable phrases are available to the proper staff and departments.  Both shared and personal canned phrases now have a rich text editor for entering stylized content.

Google Translations:  Text in the customer portal can now be translated using Google translations, with 72 different languages supported.  This is an improvement over the existing translations, in that it will translate nearly all text, including text in dropdowns and ticket details.

Various bug fixes/enhancements:  There have been various other small bug fixes and enhancements made throughout ReadyDesk.

Existing Customers:  Please note that a database upgrade IS required with this release.

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