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ReadyDesk version 9.3 is now available
January 23, 2017 10:30 PM
ReadyDesk version 9.3 has been released and is available for download today. This latest version has some great new features.  Be sure and check out the new online demos and download the updated user manual.

Below is a quick list of some of the enhancements in this release: 

  • More Security Updates:  Additional security features have been added to keep your data safe.  If you are running any version of ReadyDesk below version 9.2 you system is at risk.  To prevent unauthorized data access please install this new version immediately as it includes all previous security updates.
  • Technician Dashboard:  A dashboard has been added to
    the technician interface for quick access to views, charts and recent news articles.  Technicians can choose what they want displayed on their dashboard through their "My Settings" page.
  • SLA Updates:  The SLA feature has been updated with the ability to define whether or not to notify customers via email.  We have also added four new email templates to edit the content of the emails that are generated by the SLA feature.
  • Design Updates:  We have gone through every interface and updated the styles to be more consistent throughout.  We have also completely replaced the pop-up calendars with a pure Javascript version.  This greatly improves performance and usability.  Many styles that were previously achieved using images have been replaced with CSS only styles, which also reduces page load times.  Pages with a long vertical footprint and are divided into logical sections have been updated with collapsible accordion style sections.  Both the dashboard and the ticket detail pain can be closed.  This will be helpful when some screen resolutions make it difficult to view the ticket list.

  • Newsletters:   For some time now there has been the ability to send mass emails from the customer list page in the admin console.  You can now save those mass emails as newsletters that can be modified and resent in the future.  This is useful if you periodically send the same or very similar emails on a regular basis and don't want to have to re-type them every time or store them in an external location.  Working in conjunction with newsletters we have also added an Unsubscribe feature that will allow customers to remove themselves from your email newsletters.

  • Various bug fixes/enhancements:  There have been various other small bug fixes and enhancements made throughout ReadyDesk.

  • Please note that a database upgrade IS required with this release.

  • This list only contains updates that apply to version 9.3.  Please refer to previous news releases on our website for past updates or the release notes in our customer portal for a full list of new features and bug fixes.

  • New versions should be installed as soon as they are released to ensure that you have the most up to date features and fixes for past issues, especially when there is a security update.  If you experience any issues with the new release please open a new ticket for each issue separately and we will address them immediately.

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