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   or check out the online demos below.
These online demos are running on a publicly accessible web server. All content is submitted by our site visitors, and is reset on a regular basis. If you have any questions about the online demo feel free to contact us at info@ReadyDesk.com.
Use the hyperlinks below each set of screenshots to log into the demo interfaces.
Technician Interface

Username: guest
Password: guest

Your staff will use this interface to support your customers by handling tickets, live chat, remote desktop sessions and more.

To create a new ticket, login and click on the "New Ticket" link and enter "demo" for the customer ID.
Customer Portals

Username: demo
Password: demo

Layout Example 1

Layout Example 2

Create multiple customer portals to support an unlimited number of departments or companies. Each portal can have its own logos and settings. Customers can view existing tickets and open new ones, view invoices, assets, downloads and more and open live chat sessions.
Administration Console

Username: admin
Password: admin

This interface is the administration center for ReadyDesk. From here you can define all feature settings, administer customer and technician accounts, create news and knowledge base articles, generate reports, invoices and more.
Live Chat

Use live chat to interact with your customers in real time. Some of the features built in are transcript-to-ticket, file sending, remote desktop, real-time language translations, text to speech, speech recognition and more.

* This is not monitored by ReadyDesk support staff. To speak with one of our representatives, please use the live chat at the bottom-right of this page.
Remote Desktop

Use the remote desktop feature to connect to and control your customers' Windows based computers in real time.

There are several different ways a remote desktop session can be started. Click the screenshots above for more information.

The Whiteboard feature, launched from within Live Chat, allows technicians and customers to share a space on which you can draw, post images and more. You can invite multiple people to all share the same whiteboard at the same time.
Test Call Management

Receive phone calls directly through the technician interface.

Call management testing instructions
Email to Tickets

ReadyDesk will automatically turn any incoming emails into tickets, with complete support for file attachments. The content of the email notifications that are sent back are completely customizable through the administration console.

To test this functionality in our online demo simply send an email to rd9@ReadyDesk.com
Web Services API

The Web Services API can be used to integrate ReadyDesk with custom or existing external applications. The are methods to add, update, get and delete almost any type of data within ReadyDesk.

The following link will return the newest 10 tickets in XML format:


You can see the complete API reference Here

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