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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ReadyDesk?
How many technicians and customers can we have using ReadyDesk?
Can ReadyDesk create tickets from emails?
Can we customize ReadyDesk to look more like our own web site?
Can ReadyDesk automatically escalate tickets?
What databases does ReadyDesk support?
What are the System Requirements to run ReadyDesk?
Is ReadyDesk easy to install?
Does any software need to be installed on the users' computers?
How much training will our employees need?
ReadyDesk seems to be targeted towards Information Technology issues. Can it be used for other purposes as well?
How much does ReadyDesk cost?
Are there any yearly support or maintenance fees?
Why do we offer ReadyDesk at such great prices?
Is there a demo version available?
What if I don't need all of the features in ReadyDesk?
What if ReadyDesk is missing a feature that I really need?
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