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Active Directory/LDAP Multi-language
Administration Console Network Inventory
Asset Management News Articles
Automation Remote Desktop
Billing Reporting and Charting
Call Management Scheduling
Code Signing Security
Culture/Localization Service Level Agreements
Customization Social Media Sign-in
Dashboard Support Contracts
Email Management Surveys
File Attachments Tickets
HTML Email Time Tracking
Knowledge Base Trigger Rules
Live Chat Visitor Tracking

Administration Console - Top


  • Every aspect of ReadyDesk can be controlled from the administration console.

  • Manage general application settings such as web addresses, email address and authentication and email alerts.

  • Manage database settings, backups and restorations.

  • Setup email sending and receiving options.

  • Import data from existing sources.

  • Use the web based report builder to create and save your own custom reports.

  • Manage file attachment settings such as maximum attachments and maximum file sizes.

  • Manage tickets including editing and deleting tickets that cannot be changed by technicians.

  • Manage service level agreements and automation of ticket escalations.

  • Manage billing and manual and automated creation of customer invoices.

  • Manage live support chat settings, including file sending options, page title and technicians currently available for live support chat. You can also view complete transcripts of all pending, active and closed chat sessions.

  • Set up users as "Power Users". Power users can have limited access to the administration console as defined by the administrator.

  • Create a scrolling message to display to logged in technicians.

  • Customize existing fields.

  • Customize the application workflow.

  • Customize the email templates used for email notifications.

  • Create custom tabs and fields.

  • View, add, edit and delete customer accounts.

  • View, add, edit and delete user accounts.

  • View, add, edit and delete user groups.

  • Create knowledge base articles.


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