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Tickets - Top


  • Tickets are automatically given a new, unique ticket ID number upon creation.

  • Only customers flagged as having support may create new tickets, automatically managing which of your customers are and are not current with your support agreements.

  • Tickets can be easily assigned or re-assigned to different groups or technicians.

  • Both technicians and customers can add file attachments to tickets.

  • Each ticket's complete history is viewable directly on the ticket form, allowing both technicians and customers to track the progress of a ticket.

  • New tickets are automatically loaded into the technicians' ticket queue in real time with no need to refresh the page.

  • Technicians can be alerted of all incoming tickets.

  • Administrators can allow or deny the closing or re-opening of tickets.

  • Administrators can view, edit and delete tickets from the administration console, including the ability to edit fields that are not editable by the technicians.

  • Administrators can create rules for sending automated ticket notifications to multiple groups and technicians based on different criteria.

  • Administrators can create rules for automatically assigning tickets to groups or technicians based on different criteria. These rules can also be easily arranged in order of priority over each other.

  • Tickets can be automatically generated from incoming emails.

  • Tickets can be locked while worked on to prevent another technician from updating the same ticket.

  • Collision detection will prevent more than one technician from updating a ticket at the same time.

  • Technicians can be alerted visually and audibly when a customer updates the ticket they are working on.

  • Tickets can be exported to Excel directly from the technician interface with the click of a button.

  • Tickets can be saved as PDF documents from all interfaces.

  • Technicians can work on multiple tickets at the same time using the tabs at the bottom of their interface.

  • To see a quick view of the last ticket update, technicians can simply place their cursor of the subject in the ticket list.

  • Selecting one or more tickets in the technician interface allows for batch ticket operations using a custom right-click menu.


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